Jerry Endres


Jerry Endres is a skilled percussionist and dedicated educator who brings the exciting world of rhythm to life for his students. With a passion for the Cajon, a versatile box-style drum, Jerry has spent years honing his craft and exploring the diverse sounds that can be produced with this unique instrument. Through his engaging and accessible teaching style, he introduces students to the fundamentals of rhythm and helps them develop their musicality.

In his hands-on workshops, Jerry focuses on the core techniques needed to play the Cajon and other percussion instruments, ensuring that students gain a solid foundation in rhythm and timing. Students can expect to learn basic beats and have the opportunity to practice these beats along with their favorite songs. Jerry’s teaching method emphasizes the importance of personal expression and creativity in music. By allowing students to choose the songs they wish to play along with, Jerry fosters an environment where learners can explore their musical interests and develop a strong connection to the rhythms they create.